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Complete technical specifications, details, expert ratings and review of Xiaomi Buds 3. Find out how your chosen headphones stack up against the competition and whether they are the ones that best meet your expectations with the headphone comparison feature.

Product Type True wireless earphones - Bluetooth - wireless
Dimensions & Weight Details Earphone: 4.6 g
Charging case with earphones: 52 g
Colour Carbon black
Protection Dust-resistant, sweat-resistant
Recommended Use Portable electronics
Bluetooth Range (Operating Distance) 10 m Better than 82 % of in-ear headphones rated.

​​The Xiaomi Buds 3 are wireless headphones. The wireless connection allows absolute freedom of movement and with that increases the comfort of using the headphones. This feature is very popular, especially when using headphones every day. The limiting factor of wireless headphones is a certain delay in the sound transmission between the source and the headphones (almost indistinguishable for a normal user), as well as the need to charge them (in the case of wired headphones, the headphones are recharged by connecting the cable itself). The technology used for the sound transmission used by the headphones is Bluetooth 5.2. The maximum range of the headphones is up to 10 m. This range represents the distance from the sound source at which the headphones with wireless sound transmission can be used. However, the maximum range may be affected by obstacles such as walls or people, etc.

The headphones are designed as in-ear. In-ear headphones are plugged directly into the ear and they normally offer complete or at least partial isolation from surrounding noise. The degree of isolation also depends on whether the headphones have an ambient noise isolation function. Their indisputable advantage is that they are more compact than over-the-head headphones.

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Headphones Form Factor In-ear
Connectivity Technology Wireless
Wireless Technology Bluetooth
Bluetooth Version Bluetooth 5.2 Better than 98 % of in-ear headphones rated.
Active Noise Cancelling Yes Better than 94 % of in-ear headphones rated.

The sound quality can be affected by many factors.

Active Noise Cancellation provides an even quieter listening experience.

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MICROPHONE Xiaomi Buds 3
Form Factor Built-in
Microphones Included 3 Better than 70 % of in-ear headphones rated.
CABLE Xiaomi Buds 3
Cable Type USB-C charge cable - detachable
Battery Type Headphone battery rechargeable - wireless charging
Battery Capacity 38 mAh Worse than 93 % of in-ear headphones rated.
Battery Life 7 hour(s) Better than 58 % of in-ear headphones rated.
Battery Life Details Continuous playback (active noise-cancelling off): up to 7 hours
Continuous playback (active noise-cancelling off) (with included charging case): up to 35 hours
Wireless Charging Standards Qi

These headphones have a battery capacity of 38 mAh. In terms of headphone battery life as a significant factor in the purchase decision, it depends on what you want to use the headphones for and potentially how often you will be able to recharge them. Headphones with up to a few hours of battery life are more suitable for home use as they will require more frequent charging. Headphones with a battery life of around 10 hours or more are already more suitable for commuting and shorter journeys. However, nowadays you can also find headphones on the market that have a battery life in the higher tens to hundreds of hours. In this case, you do not have to worry about your headphones simply running out of power on longer journeys, and you will not have to deal with constant recharging. The battery life of the Xiaomi Buds 3 reaches up to 7 hour(s).

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Connector Type USB (power only) (USB Type-C)
OTHERS Xiaomi Buds 3
Included Accessories 3 pairs of silicone ear tips (small, medium, large), charging case (480 mAh)
Compliant Standards IP55
Service & Support Limited warranty - 2 years

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