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A detailed list of technical data, specifications, ratings and expert review of Google Pixel Buds Pro. Get a comprehensive look at your chosen headphones and see if these are the ones that will best suit your needs. You can also use the comparison feature to compare with other competing headphones.

Google Pixel Buds Pro Full Specifications and Details

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Product Type True wireless earphones - Bluetooth - wireless
Dimensions & Weight Details Earbud: 2.203 cm x 2.233 cm x 2.372 cm / 6.2 g
Charging case with earphones: 5 cm x 2.5 cm x 6.32 cm / 62.4 g
Colour Fog | Charcoal
Protection Sweat-resistant, water-resistant
Recommended Use Portable electronics

The Google Pixel Buds Pro are wireless headphones that allow unrestricted movement and thus increase comfort while listening to music. Because of this feature wireless headphones are especially popular with casual users. On the other hand, the limiting factor of wireless headphones is a certain delay in sound transmission between the source and the headphones (almost indistinguishable for the average user), and they also need to be charged regularly. Unlike wired headphones, where the headphones are charged by the connected cable itself, wireless ones must be charged separately. The technology used for the sound transmission used by the headphones is Bluetooth 5.0.

These headphones are in-ear type and are therefore designed to fit directly into the ear. This allows them complete or at least partial isolation from external noise. Such headphones may also have an ambient sound isolation function, which affects the degree of their isolation capabilities. Compared to over-the-head headphones, in-ear headphones are much more portable

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SOUND QUALITY Google Pixel Buds Pro
Headphones Form Factor In-ear
Headphones Technology Dynamic
Connectivity Technology Wireless
Wireless Technology Bluetooth
Bluetooth Version Bluetooth 5.0 Better than 87 % of in-ear headphones rated.
Active Noise Cancelling Yes Better than 94 % of in-ear headphones rated.
Active Noise Cancelling Technology Google Silent Seal
Sound Output Mode Stereo
Equaliser 5-band
Diaphragm 11 mm Better than 63 % of in-ear headphones rated.

The sound quality can be affected by many factors.

Headphones consist of many important parts, including the diaphragm, which is responsible for converting electrical signals into sound. The diaphragm, with a thickness of around 6 mm, is very sensitive to changes in high frequencies but less sensitive to bass. For a relatively balanced sound profile, a medium-thick diaphragm of around 10 mm is used, which can reproduce both bass and treble. A diaphragm with a thickness of around 20 mm is not as quick to respond to changes in the audio signal, and this results in poorer bass listening. However, it is very sensitive to higher frequencies. In the case of this model, the diaphragm is the 11 mm.

Active Noise Cancellation provides an even quieter listening experience.

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MICROPHONE Google Pixel Buds Pro
Form Factor Built-in
Microphone Operation Mode Beamforming
Microphones Included 6 Better than 99 % of in-ear headphones rated.
REMOTE CONTROL Google Pixel Buds Pro
Controls Volume control, play/pause, answer call, ANC mode
FEATURES Google Pixel Buds Pro
Features Wind-blocking mesh covers, active in-ear pressure relief
Internet of Things (IoT) Compatible Yes
Intelligent Assistant Google Assistant
Sensors Proximity sensor, hall sensor, motion-detecting accelerometer, touch sensor, gyroscope, voice accelerometer
Additional Functions Transparency mode

Demanding users and technology enthusiasts will appreciate an intelligent assistant with whom they can partially control connected devices. For example, they can adjust the volume or request information about messages or alerts.

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Battery Type Headphone battery rechargeable - wireless charging
Battery Life Details Continuous playback (noise cancelling OFF): up to 11 hours
Continuous playback (noise cancelling OFF / with included charging case): up to 31 hours
Continuous playback (noise cancelling ON): up to 7 hours
Continuous playback (noise cancelling ON / with included charging case): up to 20 hours
Continuous playback (with 5 min charge / noise cancelling ON): up to 1 hour
Continuous playback (with 15 min charge / noise cancelling ON): up to 3 hours
Wireless Charging Standards Qi
OTHERS Google Pixel Buds Pro
Included Accessories 3 pairs of ear tips (small, medium, large), wireless charging case
Compatibility iPhone, iPad, iPod, Android phone, Android tablet
Compliant Standards IEC 60529 IPX4, IPX2

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